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Well it was supposed to be an early night… guess not:) #stgeezy #oldairport #thedixielife #Donalduckismymainsqueeze
Fremont Street and a picture worth a thousand words.  (at Downtown Las Vegas)

Grateful grateful grateful. (at Snow Canyon State Park)
My 2014 CHALLENGE: To study an individual every month. January was reserved for Abraham Maslow. I’ve always been intrigued by his hierarchy of needs and the concept of self-actualization. It’s been extremely interesting to read upon his theories and his lifestyle. His text, “Religions, Values, and Peak Experiences” is a great read for the open minded and has definitely influenced me. As I focus on the third psychology, I really find myself agreeing with all of his theories. So far my reading challenge has been off to a great start and this morning was quite beautiful as well!

Words of Emotion
so fucking true.

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jesus christ.